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Great Anesthesia Apps

Memory Master for Nurse Anesthetist
iPhone Version: MemoryMaster for Nurse Anesthetist - Valley Anesthesia, Inc.
iPad Version: MemoryMaster for Nurse Anesthetist - Valley Anesthesia, Inc.
Memory Master for Nurse Anesthetist is a great review app specifically built for students who are in studying for the National Certifying Exam. If you are SRNA, you are well aware of Valley Anesthesia and know their successful methods in preparing you for the exam. It is on iTunes for $199 but is well worth it as it gives you access to 4000 questions and Valley Anesthesia has been the master in helping students pass boards.
                                                      Tags: Review, Questions, NCE Prep

Vargo Anesthesia 5 in 1: $ 39.99
iPhone Version: Vargo Anesthesia (5 in 1) - Vargo Anesthesia
iPad Version: Vargo Anesthesia (5 in 1) - Vargo Anesthesia

Overview: Vargo Anesthesia is another name that is becoming (or already been) very popular in the anesthesia market. Their Anesthesia Case Tips is one of the best selling app on iTunes App Store. The 5 in 1 app features Anesthesia Case Tips, Anesthesia Drug Box, Anesthesia Drips, Adult Anesthesia, and CABG for Anesthesia. Below are the links with more info on the individual apps.Vargo Anesthesia Case Tips: If you don't want to carry around a big book to look up your cases for    the day, this is a great app for you. It is being updated with new cases that aren't even available in our books. Quick look up of pretty up any case. I like it! This you have to buy as 5 in 1 deal.
Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Adult Case Tips, Anesthesia Drips, Cardiac, Calculations

Vargo Anesthesia Anesthesia Drips: $ 8.99
iPhone Version: Anesthesia Drips - Vargo Anesthesia
iPad Version:  Only available in the 5 in 1 app.

Overview: This basically contains all the drips that are specific to anesthesia. I see this being very helpful for CRNAs doing neuro or cardiac cases.
Tags: Anesthesia Drip, Daily Anesthesia, Calculations

Vargo Anesthesia: Pedi Anesthesia $ 8.99
iPhone Version: Pedi Anesthesia - Vargo Anesthesia

Overview: Vargo Anesthesia Pedi Anesthesia is another great app from Mr. Matt Vargo. It is not included in their 5 in 1 app. I would definitely recommend this one for pediatric cases. It gives medication and other anesthesia calculations (such as fluid management and airway) for 49 different weights.
Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Calculations

 Vargo Anesthesia: CABG for Anesthesia $ 8.99
iPhone Version: CABG For Anesthesia - Vargo Anesthesia

I assure you that I don't get paid by Vargo for this. They honestly do have one of the best anesthesia apps for all specialties. This one teaches or review CABG anesthesia. Step by step from pre op to post op and not only what you are to do as anesthesia provider but also what the surgeon is doing on the other end. Students can use this for their cardiac rotations. Tags: Cardiac, Daily Anesthesia

Vargo Anesthesia: Adult Anesthesia: $ 8.99
iPhone Version: Adult Anesthesia - Vargo Anesthesia

This one is included in "Anesthesia Case Tips". It provides you with 350 calculations with a few clicks.

Tags: Adult Case Tips, Daily Anesthesia

Anesthesia Comprehensive Review: $ 99.99
iPhone Version: Anesthesia Comprehensive Review - Elsevier Inc.
iPad Version: Anesthesia Comprehensive Review - Elsevier Inc.

Anesthesia Comprehensive Review app is a review app with questionnaires on various anesthesia topics. It allows you to add your notes while you study for later review. I see it as a quick review app with rationales and references.
Tags: Review, Questions, NCE prep

SonoAccess: Free
iPhone Version: SonoAccess - SonoSite Inc.
iPad Version: SonoAccess - SonoSite Inc.

SonoAccess is from the creator of popular ultrasound monitor that is not only anesthesia specific. You can use this app if you are a in cardiology, family practice, emergency medicine etc. They offer videos on how to perform ultrasound guided procedures.
Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Ultrasound Guided, Regional Anesthesia.

PediSafe: $ 1.99
iPhone Version: Pedi Safe - ICU, OR, ED Medications - iAnesthesia LLC
iPad Version: Pedi Safe - ICU, OR, ED Medications - iAnesthesia LLC

PediSafe is a 5 star pediatric calculation app that provides you with calculations based on pediatric weights. You click on one of the listed weights and a list of normal vital signs, airway equipments, pretreatment medications, induction agents, fluid resuscitation and CV support medication doses are all listed in a neat, easy to follow interface. 
Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Pediatrics, PALS, Calculations

The Secret Series: Free (in App Purchase $54.99)
iPhone Version: The Secrets Series® - Elsevier Inc.
iPad Version:  The Secrets Series® - Elsevier Inc.

The Secret Series is a quick review app of daily anesthesia related (radiology and ER as well) questions that ponder us during our daily practice. Top 100 "Secrets" along with various anesthesia topics can be browsed through to locate information you are looking for.
Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Review

 Hadzic's Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Free (in App)
iPad Version:  Hadzic's Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, 2e - McGraw-Hill
iPhone Version: None

Another great app for peripheral nerve blocks. It offers quite a bit of information on different regional blocks. A list of links allows you to access quick overview of the block, general considerations, functional anatomy, perioperative management and gives links to suggested readings. It also has information on ultrasound guided blocks with pictures
                                                      Tags: Daily Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Ultrasound Guided.

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